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Tours of Culture & Fun to Spain and Beyond

Customized Travel

Bravo Tours has been serving you for over 40 years and has provided teachers and their students with great cultural programs to Spain and beyond.

While we have standard itineraries, we have always customized our programs to meet your needs. Our programs of cultural tours, home stays, and pilgrimages are truly unique and will provide memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

Bravo Tours
Bravo Tours

A Letter from Our Founders

We hope that you had a great summer. We want to share some exciting things that we have been doing.

After 40 years of being Spain tour operators, my wife and I, along with our son Luis, finally had the opportunity of doing the walk of a lifetime in El Camino de Santiago. We started in Valença, Portugal. Since we are not in the greatest shape, we decided to walk a modest 10 to 14 kilometers a day. It took us 10 days to walk about 120 kilometers, and we were awarded the Compostela, which is the certificate of completion.

The experience was great. Along the way, we met some fantastic people, from the man who gave us fresh bread, which he was delivering, to the lady who invited us into her house so that we could view the Bay of Vigo from her terrace.

We saw some impressive Galician countryside, tranquil forests, natural cascades, bountiful vineyards, historic pazos (mansions), and all kinds of barnyard animals.

Of course, the food and wine were heaven-sent after three or four hours of walking. Eating zamburiñas (bay scallops) and drinking Albariño wine also helped to make the trip pleasant. Naturally, reaching Santiago was the culmination of our journey. A feeling of accomplishment engulfed us as we arrived at the Praza de Obradoiro and looked up at that majestic Cathedral.

Well, this was our highlight of last summer. We look forward to working with you to create a unique and exciting cultural travel experience.

~Lou and Grisell Dinnella

Bravo Tours
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