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Buen Camino Tours - The Way of Saint James

The Way of Saint James - El Camino de Santiago - Buen Camino Tours

The Way of St. James dates back to the 9th century. Tradition holds that after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, James the Apostle was sent to what was considered the end of the world – Finisterre to preach “the Good News.” He eventually went back to Jerusalem, was martyred, and his remains were brought back to northern Spain.

El Camino de Santiago

His grave site was lost for hundreds of years until stars (stellae) from heaven shined on a field (campus) to reveal to local shepards its location. Since then, pilgrims walk these routes as a path for spiritual growth. And many miracles are attributed to the site. Today, pilgrims who walk at least 100 kilometers (about 63 miles) along one of these paths are awarded a credential called the Compostela.

Buen Camino Tours©, a division of Bravo Tours, designs programs that will allow pilgrims to earn this credential while walking at their own pace, with a local escort, a support vehicle, and the peace of mind that their meals and accommodations will be at premium establishments. The scallop shell is the symbol for all those who wish to visit this marvelous region. Here is your opportunity to experience The Way of Saint James - ¡Buen Camino! (Have a great trip!)

Buen Camino Tours© by Bravo Tours
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Your pilgrim journey - 10 Days/ 8 nights

Day 1 Departure from your home city
Day 2 Arrive Europe – Transfer to Vigo
Day 3 Walk from Valença, Portugal to Porriño – Lodging Vigo 23k
Day 4 Porriño to Redondela 21k Lodging Vigo
Day 5 Redondela to Pontevedra 22k Lodging Pontevedra
Day 6 Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis 23k Lodging Pontevedra
Day 7 Caldas de Reis to Iria Flavia 23k Lodging Pontevedra
Day 8 Iria Flavia to Santiago 26k Lodging Santiago
Day 9 Free day Santiago
Day 10 Transfer to Airport for return flight

Your pilgrim journey – 17 days/15 nights

Day 1 Departure from your home city
Day 2 Arrive Porto – transfer to Valença, Portugal -Dinner and Lodging
Day 3 Walk Valença to Ribadelouro 11k
Day 4 Ribadelouro to Pasarela 11k
Day 5 Pasarela to Porriño 11k
Day 6 Porriño to Vilar da Infesta 11k
Day 7 Vilar da Infesta to Redondela 10k
Day 8 Redondela to Pontesampaio 10k
Day 9 Pontesampaio to Pontevedra 12k
Day 10 Pontevedra to Portela 11k
Day 11 Portela to Caldas de Reis 13k
Day 12 Caldas de Reis to O Pino 10k
Day 13 O Pino to Iria Flavia 13k
Day 14 Iria Flavia to Faramello 10k
Day 15 Faramello to Santiago 11k
Day 16 Free Day Santiago
Day 17 Transfer to the airport for return flight

Bravo Tours

Your pilgrim journey – 7 Days/5nights

Day 1 Departure Depart to Madrid, Spain
Day 2 Madrid – Santiago Arrive Madrid - Brief flight to Santiago transfer to Parador Dos Reis Católicos – Dinner and Lodging
Day 3 Santiago Breakfast - City Walking Tour and Cathedral visit - Lunch – Lodging
Day 4 Pazo Faramello Breakfast – Tour of local mansion and its grounds – Lunch - Lodging Santiago
Day 5 Rias Baixas Region Breakfast- Tour of Pontevedra – Boat Ride to visit muscle rafts – Lunch – Visit A Lanzada Beach and Cambados (Albariño wine area) – Lodging Santiago
Day 6 Santiago Breakfast – Free Day – Farewell Dinner – Lodging
Day 7 Departure – Breakfast – Transfer to airport for flight

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